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Hi there!

This is my first post, on my brand new blog After thinking about it for a few months…or should I say a few years, I’ve decided it was the right time to start with this project. During all this time, I thought about it, I dreamt of doing it and had a lot of ideas, now hidden in a corner of my mind. I went through phases like “This is it, I’m ready, I’m doing it!” or “I’ll start it off this week-end!” and after all that procrastination (note to myself on this new year: DO ACT) , I’ve come to a fact: This is the perfect moment.


Now, the next step is actually starting. How shall I start? What should my first article be about? Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? So, I decide to give it a go, to take this risk and I sit down facing my laptop. My blank page – or screen in this case- slowly disappears to give way to this post. At school, with some of my NomadStudents, we are working on different types of risk takings, it might be a good example to give them. Don’t you think?

On this blog, you will find:

  • ideas of activities for the classroom and how they worked out with my NomadStudents
  • moments of life in the classroom
  • reviews and use of software I use (teacher 2.0)
  • reviews of books, films and series (for class and for leisure)
  • resources that I have created (freebies and shop) and interesting links
  • travels and discoveries

Welcome to, I wish you an enjoyable  and fun journey!

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